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Xenonlook Superwhite Xenonlook Superwhite

Our bestseller gives you the excellent Xenon HID look to your vehicle. All of these products are E-certified and therefore street legal all over europe.
Available in the following sockets: H1, H3, H4, H7, HB3, HB4, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, H27W/2

Xenonlook SW (Superwhite) Premium

The premium series are the future trend of our normal Superwhites. The have a thicker glas, that's the reason why there lifetime is much better. They also have a chrome finish which will give a nicier touch and are still E-certified.
Available in the following sockets: H4, H7, HB4

Xenonlook Hyperwhite Xenonlook Hyperwhite

As the parking light should light up in the same color as the high/lowbeam and the fog lights we also created a product which matches perfectly to the Superwhites and Premium Series. As it is a "normal" halogen bulb it will also not have any effect to your board computer.
Available in the following sockets: W5W, H6W

Xenonlook Premium LEDs Xenonlook Premium LEDs

Get our next generation LED Products. We use just the best quality of LED Chips (no common LEDs!). These types are much more resistant than common 3 and 5mm LEDs and their angle of radiation is also much wider (min 120 degree). They are also much brighter as common LEDs. We cover a wide range of colors like warm white, cold white, sunshine (yellow/amber), red, blue, green, pink and violet (UV).
Available in the following sockets: W5W, H6W, BA9S, BA15S, BA15D, WY21W, Festoons 31-42mm

Xenonlook LED Stripes Xenonlook LED Stripes

You can realise nearly everything with our LED Stripes. They are 100% water resistant and come already with a 3M Tape on them. Therefore you can install them inside and even outside. Put them under your car, in the trunk, in your living room, in a lounge, an aquarium or on your terrace. There are no limits. There is even a multicolor version (RGB) available, where you can change the color as you want.
Available in the following colors: warm white, cold white, sunshine (yellow/amber), red, blue, green, pink and violet (UV) as well as RGB/Multicolor
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Headlights and taillights

As we have very good partnerships with several companies we can deliver all products our clients wants. We work together with Dectane, Sonar, Hella, Eagle Eye and many more. We also import a lot of special items directly from the USA

WaxImport.comFor all car care and detailling specialists we founded a portal with guides, lexika and an capacious Online-Shop with the best products in this sector. Of course you can give you car WaxImport (an official Swizöl Car Care Center) to become it fully detailed back.
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Chemical Guys Logo Chemical Guys

These US guys are one of the recommended brands in the world. They have a crazy big assortment and nearly no competitors.
Waxes, polishes, Detailers, trims and scents are just a few keywords.
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Dodo Juice Logo Dodo Juice

The juice of automobile dreams. Their waxes are just gorgeous. They mess with the best like Swizöl and Zymöl.
The main product of Dodo Juice are premium waxes, sometime color-specific. But they have also very good other products like the detailer, the pre-waxes and some other cool stuff.
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Smartwax Logo Smartwax

A brand which put their focus on e simple product line. So for every categorie they have just one product. Easy to handle and easy to decide what you need ;)
Their concours wax is one of the best in the market, but also their liquid wax and their detailer are fabulous.
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Vulcanet Logo Vulcanet - Washing without water

Vulcanet is a simple car cleaning product which works without any water. Its a dry wash products which works with one way clothes instead of sprays like other products. It works great without any scratches.We also uploadet some videos on youtube.
One box contains 80-85 clothes and one microfiber cloth
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Microfiber Madness

These premium microfiber clothes are cutted with ultrasonic and therefor without any border! They are also the thickest and most absorptive cloth at the moment. Extra fluffy and extrem mild to the paintwork.
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