FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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Shipping costs
The costs for shipping is defined by size and weight. Just put the products you are interested in in the cart and go to the check out (in our Online Shop). The shipping costs will be calculated automaticly.

Shipping Points
Insured packages for CH/DE/AT will be sent out of the respective country. Other countries and uninsured letters/packages will be sent out of switzerland.

Possibilities of shipping
If you choose an insured shipping you will get a trackingnumber, which allows you to investigate where the package is. The shipping companies will cover the costs if a package will be lost (except if the package will be stolen out of the mail box). Parking lights, LEDs, Festoon and other small products can be sent as an uninsured letter. They will be sent in an upholstered letter. We can't be liable for damages during the shipping for uninsured sendings. Uninsured letters/packages can't be tracked, because the shipping company don't produce a trackingnumber for them. The risk is with the buyer.

Payment method
Please choose one of the following payment methods:
Bank transfer: You can transfer the amount on our postal account in switzerland (Swiss clients) or on our bank account in Germany (EU clients).
Paypal: You have the possibility to send your payment via paypal. This service will create Paypal fees.
Credit cards: Unfortunately we don't accept credit cards directly, but you can use them with paypal.
Cash on delivery: This service is at the moment only availabe for Schweiz/Liechtenstein. We should be in a position soon to have this service also in Germany and Austria.
Invoice: Our regular clients have the possiblity to order by invoice. This service is at the moment only available in Switzerland/Liechtenstein. Soon in Germany an Austria.

If you ordered a wrong model by mistake we will exchange the bulbs for you. The following things have to be considered:
Unopened packaging: The bulbs must not be unpacked. Opened packages can't be exchanged, as we only sell new products.
Shipping costs: If we have to exchange something the common shipping costs have to be covered by the customer.
Procedure: Please write us an Email with all the details are needed. We will tell you the nearest adress who can exchange the needed bulbs. As soon as we received the bulbs and the shipping costs we will send the new products out to you.

Order confirmation
Every order we get will be confirmed by an automated generated Email. If you didn't get this confirmation mail please check the following things:
Spamfilter: Please make sure our Email wasn't filtered out by your Spamfilter. The mail will be sent from shop@xenonlook.com
Completed order process: The order will be placed as soon as you completed the entire order process. If only one step is missing it will not be placed and there will no Email be generated. If this happens please check your basked of good. The desired bulbs should still be there.
Procedure: If you still did not get an Email please Email us, we will send you a copy of it. You can also check your order in our Online-Shop.

Most of our products are e-marked and so far street legal in Europe (incl. Switzerland).
In our Onlineshop you can find the information if the specific bulb is e-marked or not. In general can be said that every Xenonlook Superwhite, SW Premium, Brightness, Osram and Philips products we sell are legal (e-marked).
All parking lights (except Philips Blue Vision), LEDs, Festoon and die Xenonlook sidemarkers are not e-marked. You can use them in your interoir legally.

Can I use these products in my car?
Yes. The model versions of those bulbs are standartised, the brands doesn't make a difference. If you are not sure what model you need, please check here. If you cannot find your vehicle in the list please contact us.
Information about our specifications: We get our informations directly from the vehicle producers. If the details we have given by mail should not be the same as you need, please excuse. There are a lot of changes in the market, we just can give those details we receive. It is essential that you verify whose information. Our details are not guaranteed. If you receive the wrong model it can be exchanged (see FAQ Exchange)

How to optimise HID / xenon vehicles
If your vehicle comes already with HID you are one of the lucky person which already has to look most people want. Nevertheless, even if you have HID, your parking light, turning signals, sidemarkers, fog lights and probably your high-beam is still stock. The colour of those lights doesn't match to your Xenon bulbs, we can deliver you bulbs they do, so everything has the same colour.
We also deliver real hid bulbs from Philips like Colormatch and UltraBlue
Take a look at our gallery you will find a lot of HID vehicles where you can see the difference of stock and Xenonlook products

Our bulbs are standardised, so you haven't to consider a lot of things. In principle you can exchange the old ones against the new - just plug and play.
Take care that you dont touch the glas of the bulbs and dont stumble them. This would shorten their lifetime.
Please keep in mind that if you install LEDs that they only work in one direction. If an LED doesn't light up, just turn it 180 degrees and it will work

Every bulb who has a special purpose has a shorter life duration as an original one. This happens with our bulbs a little bit as well.
To improve the life duration please pay attention to a correct installation and the following hints:
First start your engine and then turn on the light.
If you use a powerful Hifi-Components install Powercaps to reduce stream variations.
If your vehicle is dropped, the life duration can be shorter as an original one.
Don't turn the light on and off to often. The best thin is turn it on once, and off before you turn off the vehicle.
It is very difficult to make a forcast on the life duration, because every car and bulb is different. For example is the durability of an H7 bulb longer than a H1, but shorter as an H4 etc. We can give you an estimation on your specific vehicle, just ask us, we have a lot of reverence data.

Normally no manufacturer of bulbs offers a guarantee on their product.
However, we think that if a failure in the production happens, (which appear with every manufacturer) it shouldn't be the customer who takes the loss. That's the reason why we offer a 3 month full guarantee on every Xenonlook product, to take care of the production failures.
If you have a defective bulb during this time please get in contact with us to arrange the exchange.
Please don't throw the defective bulb away, we need it to cover the guarantee case.

Usability of LED products
Not every vehicle can be reequipped to LEDs. Mainly new vehicles with board-computer who check the functionality of the bulbs by checking the resistance of the bulb can cause problems.
This happens becuase LEDs have less restistance than a common halogen bulb. The BC expects a defektive bulbs because of the difference of the restistance and gives back an error.
To avoid this error you got three possibilities:
1. There are some LEDs we provide with an integrated resistor. They should work as a normal halogen bulb.
2. Install parallel resistances that the sum of resistances is the same as the common halogen bulb.
3. Install an additional relay, who avoid the check.
Nevertheless, the easiest way not having such problems is just to install common halogen bulbs with a coloured filter, such as Xenonlook Hyperwhite.